Virus TI Control not listed in pluginlist


I’ve bought an Access Virus TI2, but the Virus Control plugin doesn’t show up in the plugins list in Renoise.

  • The 64bit Virus Control plugin works in Ableton 64bit.

  • I’ve no problems with other installed plugins, the’re all listed and working.

  • The 32bit version doesn’t show up in the 32bit version of Renoise iether.

  • OS Windows 10 64bit

  • Renoise version 3.1.1 64bit

  • Virus Control Version: Virus TI Installer for Windows 64 bit

Anybody out there who can help me? Thanks!

I’ve owned a Virus TI in 2011, and the plugin worked fine back then. So I installed an older version of the Virus Plugin to test, but that plugin isn’t showing up iether.

I’m an idiot. I searched for the vst instrument in the effects section, but it’s not an effect, it’s an instrument.

I’ve found the plugin in the instruments list, it works fine, thanks!

Hey SPDK, been a while since you posted this thread, I’m very close to pulling the trigger on a Virus TI2.

Just wondering if you’ve encountered any further problems using yours with Renoise? Thanks!

I’m really sorry, I haven’t seen your reply until now.

Did you pull the trigger eventually?