Virus Ti/snow Multiouts Problem

renoise cant see access virus multitembral outs (VST allias)
but virus by tc powercore work perfect with multiouts

How many outs are set on the Virus initially? There are VST plugins where you have to set the number of outputs anouncing it to their host before the hosts sees them.
Initially, these plugins in common send only the first stereo pair when being used for the first time in a host and when you change this amount, close the plugin and reopen them, they will load the config from registry or database and announce the new number of outputs to the host.

virus ti snow have 4 stereo outs and ti desktop 16 outs
okey renoise see 3 outs but play only one (first)

You can try this:

  1. Open VST versión of VC Plugin.
  2. In the Plugin window select for each part the USB output (USB1, USB2, USB3)
  3. AU/VST Setup Properties–>Setup routing -->Activate the channels.
  4. Create an ALIAS for each part
  5. AU/VST Setup Properties–>Select Channel 1, 2 , 3 or 4 (This is the MIDI channel) for each Inst./Alias.

It works for me.

work only first out=(
can u make .rns file with connection virus outs? thanx
if yes send it to