Virus Ti Vst In Ableton ?

It’s offtopic, but there are Virus users here, and its the only musicians forum i know, so here we go:

The Virus VST does not show in my VST lists in Ableton.
The reason I try ableton, is to try the VST since it fuxxors in Renoise.

I have set the VST folder to where it is, with all the rest i have in there;
it just is not available ??

Any clues ?

forget it!

im such a noob :slight_smile: LOL

(it was in /Access Music/ dir)

Ok so in ableton you need to set the Virus VST dll file into your VST folder. Go to my Computer, C-drive, Program files, then find where your VST files are and set the dll file into the VST folder. When you done that load up ableton and go into preferences and click re-scan for vst. and it should come right up.