Virus Ti

As a hardware addict, I want to know if the VST possibilities of the Virus TI are working 100% with Renoise. Does anyone have this awesome piece of hardware? I heard there are quite some bugs in the early versions of the Virus.

The Virus TI is indeed full of bugs. Especially the VST interface. You can check the progression here If you use it as a plain midi device it is an awesome synth. Even if the vst would work flawlessly you will get to the next hurdle and that is latency. Renoise as of today has no plugin delay compensation so you have to adjust that manually.

I’m with you… My cash is burning in my pocket and if Renoise would work with this synth it will burn a hole in it. Uhm my pocket that is…

Rick, thanks for posting that link. It also contains interesting things about other gear. I think I’m going to follow the progress there. Since I saw the demonstration of the TI by Rob Papen I kinda fell in love with it :dribble:

No problem. BTW do you have a link to the demo you saw? I only have the ones that are demoed by Ben Crossland.

oops, sorry : I actually ment Ben Crossland – (as seen on sonicstate)… :rolleyes:

Have you also seen this one? :…&q=Virus+TI

Aah alright… Yes I have seen that one… I think I’m just going to take the plunge and get me one of these synths this weekend. As just a plain midi device the thing works great. Meanwhile they are bugfixing the vst for it so in time I should be able to use it in Renoise as a plugin.

I just have to say, as a long-time Virus owner, and recently aquainted Nord user, make sure you check out the Nord Lead’s before commiting yourself…

The Nord and Virus (afaik) use almost identical DSP h/w… But where the Virus can support 12-odd billion fx, tonnes of extra waveforms and almost unlimited routing options - the Nord pumps all of that power into raw synthesis… and it really shows almost instantly.

It’s not quite all-singing-all-dancing like the Virus, but every type of sound you do with it screams quality and useability…

Hmm, I’m a proud owner of the Virus-B and looove the sound coming out of it. The fact that Nord doesn’t have much FX is holding me from putting a LOT of money into that synth.
Its just too much cash for plain raw sounds.

Well you could pick up a much better fx unit than the Virus uses for about £80 very easily s/h… Anything from a cheap Lexicon MPX for quality to a Kaos Pad… But the Nord really doesn’t need fx in the same way a lot of VA’s do.

If you’re after warped/twisted sounds, distorted Reeces, etc. then the Virus is still the best - but for all your typical analogue sounds, it’s quite honestly the only digital synth I’ve ever used which I can sit and listen to for hours on end in the same way as I could a Jupiter 8 or CS-70m.

I’d really suggest trying one out anyway!

Does that VST thingie fully work then with Fruity? Even the 4 audio busses back to the host?

It’s annoying that Renoise doesn’t have plugin delay compensation. A lot of plugins require it nowadays. My reverb sounds like ass and New York compression with PSP vintage warmer causes phasing.

P.s. The Nord Lead 3 doesn’t sound as good as v1/2.

I just checked in the backstage area and PDC was not on the list to be voted for. Was it?

I imagine PDC’s quite a difficult one to implement…

It does work in SX3, but I have so many problems with the audio engine and maxing out CPU…

However, here’s how I’d do it…

I’d have a calibrate button in the top-left;

It would work out the latencies of each channel and send/return - maybe using an impulse response, maybe there’s some easier way to do it?

Then, rather than real-time buffering 24-odd channels of audio at once, have a simple MIDI delay on each channel which delays event triggering by however much is necessary…

Just having an event delay on each track would make it a possibility - you could run sine waves manually and get it all in sync - maybe you’d only have to do it with the odd plug-in which caused noticable problems (CurveEQ and Q-Clone for me).

Plugins report to the host how much samples they delay their audio (your mentioned ones probably don’t conform to the standard). You have to recalibrate the delays only when a new plugin is inserted. Combined with the fact that in Renoise you can only send audio from send busses from left to right I’d say PDC isn’t difficult to implement. If only I had time to make a proof of concept.

so… did you get it? i am picking my ti polar up tomorrow, so i will get back to you how it works with renoise. i will regardless not use the ti with all its midi/vst glory. i will use it for sound design and sample the shit out of it… :)

let me know on your findings.


Unfortunatly I sold it again. The sound was great and the hands on experience was really cool. But for me I wanted to use the VSTi but the thing is pretty unstable. The problem is that everythings (audio streams etc) runs over USB. Arp syncing is nearly impossible. I wanted a device that was transparent to me like a plugin and when needed I could tweak it with the knobs. Don’t get me wrong it’s not only Renoise but it’s not even working for me under Logic Pro with PDC. For sound design it’s great device with endless routing capabilities! And indeed you can sample the hell out of that thing… Have a blast with it!!

Greetss… Rick

yeah i LOVE it :) it sounds fantastic… works well in renoise, and it is surprisingly intuitive and rather easy to use. obviously, there are myriads of things you can do with it that will take me a long long time to learn… but i am looking forward to the journey with the most amazing instrument i have ever encountered.

cheers m8,