Virus Ti2 Vs. Virus C

I’m planning to get a Access Virus Ti2 but there are some questions I need to ask any of you Virus Ti users. I’ve read the bug report about the issues with the Ti so I’m a little worried about the problems.

Is it possible to use Virus Control VSTi to handle the patches and maybe some parameter editing only and use MIDI/analog audio for the playback/recording?

The less expensive (and safe) option is to get a Virus C and use a VST Virus Editor. That way you get the automation and patch struggling out of the way. Total recall upon load is worth a lot. But the Virus C polyphony is only 32 voices compared to 80+ with the Ti2 + some new features. And you have to do regular recording sessions.

Is the Ti at all useable with Renoise at the moment? The posts in the bug report seem to vary between “it’s doing ok” and “useless, I use it the oldskool way (MIDI etc.)”.

Thanks for your input

Just some thoughts.

I don’t have a Ti myself, I’ve been holding that off (got a B right now) but if I were to buy one today and didn’t have one of the earlier models already I would get a Ti or Ti2.
The ABC are midi only, so you can use a Ti in the same way if you like, using the analog outputs.
You would get all the new features etc. and once it works 100% you don’t need to feel that you want to upgrade.

The problem is the VC-plugin since as far as I know it’s kind of special, it doesn’t act as a normal VST plugin.
On the other hand it should be possible through Rewire to use another application (Reaper, Cubase) etc. and go that route in the meantime.

Your thoughts makes perfect sence Haplo, if we’re not looking at the price.
A Virus C can be had for roughly 1/3 of the price of a Ti2. The C is about €600 used, Ti2 about €1700.

If the Ti2 worked 100% there wouldn’t be the slightest doubt.
Thanks for the reply.

Sure there is a difference in price but it kind of comes down to what you need. E.g. are you satisfied with a global delay/reverb ?
You didn’t really state what you were after feature wise but both will work in the same way if you go the MIDI way rather than the VC-plug way.

Yeah, sorry, forgot to mention my needs. Global delay/reverb is not so useful, you are spoiled nowadays. I used to record synth parts dry and add those effects later on.

You can look at it this way too, it’s 3 times the price but you get almost 3 times the polyphony, the Ti concept, better effects + all the new features which seems to be kick ass.
I’m leaning heavily towards the Ti, just have to dig up enough money first :)