Virus Vst Editor + Renoise ?

Hi all,

Has anyone tried this VST editor for the virus synths with renoise ?
rekon audio virus editor

It’s not expensive but there is no trial version either.

Looks like someone did a copypaste from Virus midi spec and added few icons to it.

I agree but I want to get the “library” functionality without using Sound Diver, because it sucks.

I do too. I bought it recently. It doesn’t work with renoise.

This program requires an uninitialized midi port to communicate with the virus. Renoise, however, initializes all midi connections by default. Since midi connections can’t be shared (because of windows XP from what I now) I am unable the use the plugin at all. I can load it, but it does not find an uninitialized midi resource because there is none. There used to be a workaround, but I was just looking into that, and that does not work anymore with Renoise 1.9.

If there is an alternative way to use this plugin I would love to know!