[Vista 64] Windows Doesn'T Recognise My MIDI device.

Hi there,

I bought myself a Doepfer Dark Energy and Renoise does recognise it on my macbook. In the Preference (utilities) menu on the mac itself the synth is in the MIDI list as ‘USB MIDI Dark Energy’.

Now I’m at home in my little studio and Renoise doesn’t seem to recognise the Dark Energy. Ofcourse windows asks to instal drivers but there aren’t any for the Dark Energy. (I did try that ofcourse)
I looked at my hardware devices and the synth is stated as ‘Other Devices’ -> ‘USB MIDI Dark Energy’. How do I get that to show up in Renoise so that I can send Midi signals to it?



A friend of mine has the same synth but when he connects it to his Vista 64bits system the device is listed as ‘sound, video and game controllers’ in the device manager.
So now the question is; how do I get my synth from the ‘Other Devices’ tab to the ‘Sound, Video and Game Controllers’ tab?

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If you have a midi port on your soundcard, you can always connect the darksound via midi…

Yes but I don’t have that. I could try to hook it up to my m-audio axiom but I just want it to work with Renoise…

edit: nevermind. read the problem wrong… :)

This is not a Renoise problem but a driver problem. You need to find a driver that is suitable for your windows version. You speak of your friend containing Vista 64-bit, but what about yours?

Renoise is 32-bit so whatever connects to it should be 32-bit compatible, including soundcarddrivers. (They may be 64-bit but have to be capable of being ran in 32-bit apps)

I am aware that this is not caused by Renoise, I am just looking for a solution for this problem anywhere I can. I run the 64-bit version of Windows too (more info is in my signature)
There are no drivers for this synth, and I don’t know if there is some kind of generic driver for these kinds of things. I’m just looking for answers wherever I can. I know it can be done, as seen on my friends computer (I don’t personally know him).

I’m not sure what my soundcarddrivers have to do with this sice both my midi controllers and my synth are connected directly to my computer with USB. My soundcard (interface) is nicely recognised by Renoise.

Just for extra clearness:

Okay, let me clearify the topic title then else this will lead nowhere for you.
You have Vista or Windows 7? I assumed Vista, but i could still be wrong.

Yes its Vista 64bit.
I mailed with Doepfer and I decided I would just reinstall the whole OS. And it worked. Afterwards I could have tried something with chipsetdrivers but its OK now. :)