Visual desync on playback

Hello, I’m noticing that on some projects I’m working on, when I start the playback the audio comes in around 40-70ms late. On some project it delays up to around 200ms (gauged from what I feel + math with tempo).

Does anyone have this problem? I’m on Windows, and is using 3.3.2.


Edit 1: The entire song, not just some tracks, is delaying. Everything lines with the metronome just fine, but even that the visuals on the pattern editor still goes before the audio comes through.

I encounter this frequently when using sample libraries, as developers cut the samples before the transients, which create a noticeable delay, which isn’t consistent from lib to lib, company to company, or even patch to patch.

The solution is to add negative delay on the channel track while listening to the metronome, and adjusting the delay until it feels in sync. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response.

Now I notice one thing I forgot to mention, it’s the master output (entire song) that’s delaying; not individual tracks. The tracks themselves line with the metronome, but the visuals go before the sounds are actually played and that’s bugging me quite a bit.

That could occur when the number of buffers or the buffer size is too high.
Higher buffer sizes helps insure smooth playback but with the visual expense.
Try lowering your buffers, make sure it sounds ok, low buffers can cause noisy output.

Below are my current setting for reference:


Hope this helps!


I’m pretty positive that that’s not the problem… I set my Buffer Size smaller (from 256 samples to 192) and the problem still persists. I’ve tried recording it here. Hope it helps visualize the problem better.

I stopped the playback when I hear the first metronome beat. Did some calculations and that’s around a 200ms delay.

This problem is driving me nuts. Any help is really appreciated :pray: