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Hello guys,

I start making some tools for fun and why not :smiley:

Me and my friends are tested , so its work flawless for now.
It is a visual toolbar like in Reaper. But im not a programmer scripter, so i have some problems with my features to deal with. Maybe someone can help me a little if you have some time.

First i realise there is no way to use colored button images. Right ? its always based on the Theme colors.
I want the rollover state to be colored images. Thats looks awesome. Or maybe colored version all the time.
Is there any trick that can help me about that ? Maybe a bitmap and a button in overlay with alpha…

Another thin is is i can’t resize the Button images to fit smaller or bigger sizes. it would be awesome i can do that for smaller screen users.
here is the Tool itself so you can check them out., happy using…

com.hotelsinus.VisualToolbarNativeDSP_V1.xrnx (144.7 KB)

I also made a VST effect version, and Instrument versions. So its three Visual Browser, but the VST version is need to setup by users… but maybe i can create a workaround for that… but its too hard coz every artist has its own VST as u know…

Thank you for your time
have a Good ReNoisey day…
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good idea


ya, cool.
I like this :slight_smile:
a couple minor things. Compressor image does not show the name of the device like all the others do

also, the bitmaps are all a little blurry. any way to sharpen them up with higher resolution images?

thanks for this!

Also, a general question for tool window keybindings… Does anyone know if it is possible to make the keybind act as a toggle that not only invokes the tool window, but also closes it? Or is it possible to keybind tool window closure in the first place? It’s a minor annoyance to switch from kb to mouse when working with tools generally


Keybinding is included , search “visual” in pref/keys and bind.

Yeah the images are placeholders.

Thanks for the ideas suggestions


yes, I’ve already done this :slight_smile:
my question is about closing tool windows via keybind. anyone have any idea?
Seems like some tools can close windows and others can’t

Ah sorry, i check it tomorrow

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It would also be great if the tool included ALL native dsp, meta devices, and routing devices, including the doofer :slight_smile:

Definitely loving this tool so far! beats typing into the search field.

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Attempting to load a Send, MutilbandSend, or Sidechain device on the Master track crashes the tool.

coz u can’t insert send devices to master track… somehow i can fix this issue later… thx

com.hotelsinus.VisualToolbarNativeDSP_V1.1.xrnx (144.8 KB)

Now u can close with keybinding…

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I think I can help you here.


1.- Use png images with transparency to allow the color of the button to pass through.
2.- In the iteration function that you will have used, create:

  • Enveloping with a row with negative “spacing” of the button width (spacing=-128).
  • Inside that row the “button” and the “bitmap” objects separately of the same size 128x128 (width=128, height=128). This is all for “button drive” within the iteration.

Example (you have to adapt it to your view code):

--negative spacing superimposes objects (spacing=-128)
    --no bitmap="",
    --no text="",
    notifier=function() end,
    active=false, --important: the button take action!
    bitmap="img/the image.png", --use a "img" folder to classify files! images of 128x128
    mode="transparent", --or "plain", "button_color", "body_color", "main_color". Try them!
    --no notifier=function() end,
    --no tooltip=""


  • Place all the titles of each button image in exactly the same location.
  • Use Renoise’s 100% scaling to create images that correspond to the same size. This guarantees sharpness with each scaling. It’s worth it!
  • Use the “@” characteristic in the name of the each png images for scaling:
    name_image.png (original size 128x128)
    name_image@1.25x.png (original size x1.25)
    name_image@4x.png (original size x4)


  • I suggest you capture the images with Renoise scaling at 350%. You increase each image by 50% until you reach 400% and take this image of 350% as a base to create the rest of the png image sizes more smalls.
  • Save images in 8bit with transparency to take up little space.

view this:

If you use image scaling and a great dedication to creating beautiful images, true to the look of Renoise, it will look great! I think a “negative” image look would be appropriate, without color and with transparency of the background. I think the bulk of the work is creating the right images and your scales.


why did I always think that Renoise can only do .BMP?

I have to start reading all the way to the end :frowning:

**Supported bitmap file formats are *.bmp, .png or .tif (no transparency).

hmmm, doesn’t seem to be working…

u need to click out of the window, dont know why. but if you dont click out of that panel, just hit ESC.

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Thanks! This is really good stuff, great idea!

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thank you

This is usually common. We have just enough time to do things and we want immediacy. :slight_smile: