Vital crashes when releasing the old song

I have in my Song Template and it crash quite often when loading a song or rather releasing the old song.

Application: Releasing the old document…

VstPlugs: Plugin ‘Vital Audio: Vital’ crashed in its audio process function!

Warning Message: Ouch. The VST plugin ‘Vital Audio: Vital (from Vital Audio)’ crashed in VST event/function: ‘Process’, Thread: ‘AUDIO Slaves’

Is a sandbox in renoise still possible?

I mean this image

did you try beta 1.08 for windows?

I just tried but I couldn’t run my latest song with it as I guess it cost a few extra CPU cycles? anyway I have turned it off again I also rather just quit using Vital than fiddle with settings like this to be honest, but it’s just I have made one really good sub patch there that I would like to continue using. thanks

no but installing now, appears it’s just out of beta I think… thanks