Vitaxin - Doadiddywank! Ep (prepost 32)

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for those who didn’t know. i am vitaxin, and i need feedback :)

yay! :D
sounds a bit like detroit house meets IDM experimentalism.
really lovely - like the subtle percussions and the attention to detail which is present throughout the entire track.
my thumbs going skywards - good job!

edit: the above refers to octha-13, just noticed there is a 2nd track as well, which is just running.
once again, nice details and labour on percussive usage of vocal samples.
pretty familiar to the sound of octha, although this doesn’t catch me as much as its fellowship it’s still a nice listen and well executed as well.
morreeeeeee! ;)

:blink: danke :blink:

coming from you, this is really great.
there will come more techno/house from me in this style.
atleast one more release before christmas. :lol: