Vivace - Chains Aside

For whoever says it is impossible to sidechain inside Renoise:…ains_aside.xrns


FILE UPDATED: 09-09-09

thanks to eeter for the how
thanks to johann for the hosting
thanks to hex for the rest

cheesy songtitles ftw! ;) Phat track, punches the fuck out of my eardrums with the volume in red. Can’t be bothered setting up an elaborate chain set-up like this myself, respect for your effort tho… shows you that anything is possible.

Just for listening pleasure, here’s a link to soundcloud.
Still working on the track, just thought I’d put the XRNS
up for people interested in internal sidechaining.

This is a bomb ;)
And the sidechaining is really recognizable and was deffenitely worth the effort of implementing my tech. Props!

man BotB

i love the bass in your tracks,just sooo smashing

i gotta get more bass in my tracks,in my tracks its all about the breakbeat :D

but yeah it takes lots of sendtracks in use for this

native sidechain NOW :D

Massive cheers for the kind words!! I made this track so that we can actually CLOSE the sidechain-discussions until Renoise has an internal
DSP or whatever. But for the moment, THIS is how you sidechain inside
Renoise ;)

Thanks eeter, your method really opened up my mind for more hex
possibilities :D

File updated, by the way!

The discussion will not be closed until we don’t have to use multiple sendtracks to pull it off… and in my case, until we can use volume peaks to control parameters on any effect.

Well, you can use sidekick then. Discussion closed. Again. :D

No longer available and not cross platform.

Discussion reopened.


Yah, I knew about the cross-platform… else I would’ve used THAT on my Mac instead…
On the other hand, this allows far more control over the entire sidechaining process…

Discuss! I’m a sidechaining-n00b! Just DONT LET ANYONE tell you sidechaining in Renoise
is technically impossible.


hah yes this was kinda cool… lots o energy.

but i feel the sidechaining is a bit weird. too little attack…? it could sound tighter… to me anyway.
the high pitched lead sound that starts round (1:27) sometimes hurts my ears, got some nasty in there.
i couldnt understand the vocal bits at all… got kinda lost in the mix.

k, besides the bitching… it also make me turn it up rrrrrealy loud. :D

Cool tune!

wicked stuff Botb!

i have seen the massive usage of LFO reset on instrument 01. I really like the result, and it has made me think to a different approach to something similar, although not exactly what you needed here:

using a Key-Tracking Device with “LFO Reset” as destination parameter, and with identical “Dest. Min” and “Dest. Max” values both set to the Reset value you want, you can make so that, every time you trigger a note of that instrument, the LFO gets automatically reset.

^ oh wow… thats a great idea!!! :]

superb track with psychodelic vibes.

Great tune ^_^

Massive use of routing in it. Any chance of an instruction whats going on? :blink:

I am not so clever to get it now and need a little help! :wacko:

Sound like a good way to sidechain things by now.

Massive cheers for the listens, folks! Although the song is more about
the tech than the actual music (at least, at the moment… still working on
it!), it’s great to hear the music is also enjoyable!

Thanks for the idea, It-Alien! Hadn’t thought of that, still so much more
experimenting to do and with school almost behind me, can’t wait to get
started :D

BamBooli, I’ll try to explain how the routing works. For this example, I’ll
explain how the synth (backing atmosphere) is being processed with the
kick. Eeter thought it all out, I just copied his technique.

First, it comes down to this: we want to compress the kick and synth
together. But, we don’t want to hear the kick in the compressed result.
We split both channels into L and R, resulting in 4 sendtracks:

  • kick L (pan kick left)
  • kick R (pan kick right)
  • synth L (pan synth left)
  • synth R (pan synth right)

Remember that the kick-signal is being used for the compression, but
NOT the SOUND. Both send-devices on the kick should be set to KEEP
SOURCE. For the synth it’s KEEP SOURCE and the last one MUTE

Now, these sendtracks should be routed to the next set of sendtracks, where we’re going to compress the kick and synth together:

  • kick L + synth R
  • kick R + synth L

On these two send-tracks, there’s the actual compression. I used a bus-
compressor. Dunno why, Eeter did it and thus I copied. You can see in
the compressor where the kick is and where the synth is. So behind the
compressor, you boost the channel opposite from the kick so that the
synth gets the emphasis (use a Gainer and its panning). Remember: both send-tracks should have the EXACT SAME DSP SETTINGS or
strange things happen. Could be positive strange things, though…
haven’t tested much outside this setup yet.

After this, I send both send-tracks (kick L + synth R & kick R + synth L)
to their final destination send-track: synth sidechain. Done! There ought
to be NO kickdrum coming from the synth sidechain and the left and
right channel should be exactly the same. If it’s not, good luck hunting
down and isolating the mess-up :P After awhile, it gets quite complex,
but it’s fun to play around with!

Good luck! Have phun!

This is a nice solution to the sidechaining challenge in Renoise, I have to give it a spin! It shouldn’t matter if you’re using the buscompressor or the regular one, and consider this: you can use various DSPs in the “compression” for various flavours.

I’ve put together a very simple example including two different ways of extending this technique. The first sidechained synth sound is just a straight-up compression. The second uses a delay before the compression stage to delay the compression onset by 2 lines. The third uses a gate2 after the compression stage to envelope a continuous synth sound.

All three of these end up being tweaked using gainers and stereo expanders so that they come out “in stereo”, but really it’s mono output.

If you wanted to use this for master compression you would have to do use this technique separately on each channel and then recombine them to the master track.

Ah shoot can’t attach files to the post… time to get an ftp I guess :-/

edit: oh right I have a school account :blink:CLICK HERE FOR XRNS