Vocal Eliminator

ok i just heard bout this, and was curious.

i would think if it works well that might open up some different areas to sample within.
anyhow, my question to all of u is…

DO YOU KNOW OF ANY VST VERSIONS, or possibly somthing to work within cool edit?

analogx made a directx plug like that, you can use that in cool edit.


A parallel discussion ;)

Funny, i used to use his small webdaemon he popped out of his fist (simpleserver).
Didn’t do anything with his audio related stuff, but he did not had that much on audio related stuff at that time i believe.

That’s true, he made a web server. This was also the first server I tried out, but I haven’t thought of it until you said it vvoois.

have you tried this software?

is it pretty good?

thanks for your replies fellas

i f****ed with it, and it sucked.

perhaps i was using it wrong.

any hints, or tips on that analoguex shit?


theres one thing i did wrong.
i was using mp3s.
and wavs.

im only accustomed to using wavs and mp3s . so, when u say linear files, what kind of extension is that?

thanks for the info. bentai.

damn good concept though, wish it worked well

Well, the simple is good enough when one of the advertisement sites which are redirected in your hosts file to your local system which pops up just a tiny self-written index-page with “Ad-crap blocked successfully!” :P
(these hostslist always came with kazaa-lite, but since it’s hard to find it nowadays…)