Vocal Synth / Chiory Vsti Or Sample Banks

Anybody know any good ones or where I can get them?

The stuff that’s actually good isn’t for free. Usually it’s quite expensive actually. I bought Miroslav Philharmonik myself (http://www.philharmonik.com/Main.html?prod_MP) for anything i want to sound sort of natural, but personally i LIKE the synthetic, nasty phoneme synthesis type sound, so i use things like Delay Lama (http://www.audionerdz.com/) a lot. Most worthy synths offer some kind of phoneme synthesis as well. It’s a lot of work but it works :P
Other than that, i’d check out Virsyn Cantor (http://www.virsyn.de/en/E_Products/E_CANTOR/e_cantor.html) if you need synthesized speech.

Correct me if i’m wrong, but i don’t think you’re going to find any good choir sample libraries out there for free, but in my mind it’s worth investing in a good sample library if you’re serious about it. There are lots of really good choir sample CDs. In fact i think the only good sample CD is a choir sample CD :P

spectransonics vocal planet akai sample cd series is kick ass
used some of the jazz/blues bits off it to comprise vox for my tune synesthesia on my label and myspace page ;)

I like the vox’d soundset a lot. It’s available as VST or as addon for Wusikstation.

http://www.backintimerecords.de/bitr052.htm (scroll a bit down)