Vocals In My Track!

i never used them cos i better realy realy do not sing ;)

keith, a friend of mine from new york, got my left (rB) track and jamed down a few recordings with a macmonitormicrophone :panic:

after a little resampling i got it all into renoise so here is another version, vocals and guitars by keith, rest by me. as usual its not a finished one ;)

-> & gray - left (rD) direct

i also mixed it into another “right” version :w00t:

-> & gray - right (rC) direct

what do you think guys ?

edit fixed urls

Sounds like PF’s “Empty Spaces” a bit. Maybe a little more variety with that doofing kick sound (e.g. filtering). “Right” is too intense for me. Both need the vocal to come forward.

Nice textured sounds in here.

yep you’re right. the best would be to alter the whole beat on the left version. i think it goes a little to “straight”,

anyway, i’ve reuploaded a newer mixdown, overwritten the rC versions.