Vocoder Vst's


Which Vocoder VST’s work with renoise?

I have the Orange vocoder from years back, and it doesnt seem to load, anyone know which ones work?



orange vocoder works fine in Renoise 2.1, you need to set up an fx alias as well in the instrument editor, by selecting the orange vocoder fx alias in the instrument setting tab.

There are a bunch of vocoders that work, I think if you’ll search the forum you will find threads about this.

Have fun singing!

Ha thanks.

I am indeed a muppet.

Thought i could remember all the IT 2.19 stuff from 10 years back, seems i dont :slight_smile:

got it working, its a damn vst fx rofl.

<-- muppet.

Thanks again.

A good (free!) vocoder that I often use in Renoise:


Old thread, but since you already use it, maybe you can tell me how I work the vocoder with midi in Renoise? :blush:

Wild guess, but probably uses the same principles as explained in this video tutorial:

Thanks, but I couldn’t get this working. Even with the same plugin as used in the video.
The modulator track doesn’t mute and I can’t figure out what I do different than explained :(

I’m on a Mac with Renoise 2.5.1.

Have anyone else tried this?

make sure you actually play a note on the vst fx alias track while ooohing and ahhhing on the vocal track??

hey hansee, always pleased to help out a fellow goat ;)
just check out this little xrns i hacked together: http://www.keith303…l_carrier).xrns
it shows how to use the VST with its internal carrier signal, via VSTfx alias (instrument).
you can also use it with an external carrier signal, but then the setup would be a bit different - i’ll hand that in later if you’re interested.

p.s. just watched the above youtube video. TAL should work and behave the same as MDA talkbox, if you enable the “input mode on” button in TAL’s GUI.
so you’d just need to reproduce the setup as shown in the video with TAL instead of MDA talkbox.

TAL does not work the way the video shows it to.

I’ve used TAL Vocoder a couple of times, and this seems to be the easiest way to do it – I put melody on one track, vocal sample on another, and the vocoder plugin on a third, then use track sends:

  • Carrier (i.e. melody line): Pan hard left in instrument settings, send to Vocoder channel.
  • Modulation (i.e. vocals): Pan hard right in instrument settings, send to Vocoder channel.
  • Vocoder: make sure the INPUT MODE ON button is on.
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