I noticed you put snapshot of VST vocoder effect in tutorials page. I`m wondering - is that Vocoder freeware? Anyway - where can I download that vst plugin that looks like it is named DgBlueVocod? I looked on Google - nothing similar to image I saw on your tutorials site?

Dunno if this helps but it looks like it was made in Synth Edit.

If you’re looking for a nice, simple, free vocoder though, maybe you can check out MDA:Vocoder or MDA:Talkbox (I prefer Talkbox myself, gives a smoother sound).


It’s not online anymore, i don’t know where i got it from (possibly kvr-audio.com).
But dblue’s suggestions are the better alternatives.

If you are still interested in the plugin’s origin and copyright notices:

Thank you! I have been there & downloaded package of all free VST instruments & install. Unfortunatelly - none of vocoders included can create real harmonic vocoder sound :( The only I found that does perfect job is: “4ormulator”, it writes it is freeware, and it works… but won`t work until I open its editor and close it next time I reopen song I used its effect :(

If you find another one that works after reopening tracker, plz let me know.

Ah, well, not sure if you know this or not, but there’s a trick to using most vocoder plugins within Renoise as they won’t just work by themselves.

What you need to do is…

  • Track00 should be panned hard right via the TrackDSP’s tab.

  • Track01 should be panned hard left.

  • In both Track00 and Track01, add a MetaDevices > SendDevice.

  • In the send track S00 (or wherever the previous SendDevice’s are pointing to) you add the MDA:Talkbox effect.

Now, Track00 is used for your carrier (a nice fat synth or pad sound), Track01 is used for your modulator (vocals or drumloop or whatever).

You will not be able to hear the effects initially while you are entering your notes, so just do something simple at first like triggering a single note on the synth and your vocal sample.

Press play in Renoise and enjoy the results :)

hey, thanx! I didnt know I can do this! ![:)](https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/smile.gif) Sounds pretty interesting ![:)](https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/smile.gif) But, still Im in a search for real vocoder sound. Yes, I can use 4ormX.dll or 4ormulator.dll, but plugin [even it says is free] - won`t start itself before you start its panel. Anyway - I can record “what I hear” from my soundcard, but would be perfect if I can find a working vocoder.

Btw, some useful links to start searching:







also found this one:

but those are mostly DirectX… Haven`t read FAQ about DirectX plugins, but, will Renoise support DX effects?

Thank you & all best! :)