Vocoderem & Retribution

Hello guys, with these two releases I am abandoning anything that have to do with dance, trance, electro etc… and I am moving to more experimental and darker spectre (dark ambient, dark orchestra, electronic orchestra), it doesn’t feel good for me to keep changing genres so much and it sure as well doesn’t fit the listeners as well, confusing is the right term to define my channel on soundcloud, this is why I decided to pave my way just one route, anyway, let’s talk about the tracks that I am posting bellow:

Retribution: This is a progressive trance that I made in a week, much more relaxing than Vocoderem and the main aspect of this song is probably the melody, I hope You find it listenable to :smiley:

Vocoderem: I can’t really tell what genre it is but it is coming close to progressive house. I have been making this track for over six months and main aspects in this track are the talkbox (vocoder) and the melody, I hope You find it listenable to too :slight_smile:

Two great tracks!