Voice And More>>


New to the forum, and new to renoise>>>well, I intend to buy it soon!

I have a few questions>>>

Can you add in voice to renoise, and if so, what do i need to do so>> a usb microphone or what??? help!

and also, if i wanted to put in a piano part, would that be easy enough>>>i there a keyboard on screen, or di i need to record live piano and transfer??

can anybody suggest any good recording dictaphones that can easily transfer mp3 files to the computer, and thus renoise>>??

Thanks for the help, and looking forward to replies to see if i can start recording and be snazzy>>

Higsy :blink:

Sure, You can usa a USB-mic, But I have no experiences in that.
The ‘regualar’ way is to plug in a microphone into your ‘Line in’ on your sound card. Imo Is a condenser microphone to prefer if you sing. If you choose to use a condenser microphone you need to power it up with a mic preamp, or a mixer with built in mic preamps.

There’s alot of good VST instuments with the ‘orginal’ piano sound. Google “mda piano” for a nice freebi

ZOOM H2 Is a little handy recorder. I own one myself, and must say. It’s the best ‘music’ thing I have ever bought. After Renoise, of course :)


what is a SOUDND CARD for the mic>>>do they come seperatly?? if so, do they cost loads?? and what is a pre amp>>>will a usb microphone be ok???

MDA PIANO>>>>does that sound like a normal one, and can you over lap chords and things>?

ZOOM H2>>>sounds nice>>>does it go easily to an mp3 file??

Sorry if i am questioning extensivly…just starting out!! thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it!!


There are a lot of electronic music fundamentals to learn and understand that have nothing to do with Renoise. I applaud you for starting out using Renoise. It is, in the opinion of many, one of the best music apps ever made.

But you might be barking up the wrong tree.

Learning Renoise is like learning a guitar.

The kind of questions you are asking are sort of like “what’s the best mid sized amp brand name for a small room performance with 3 trumpets, and does it matter if the patch chord is gold plated or not?” when you should really be learning the guitar first.

  • Download Renoise 1.9
  • Start The Program
  • Help -> Tutorial And Demo Songs -> [pick one] (Digging For Gold has Vocals and Recorded Guitars)
  • Look at the songs, remix the songs, add new stuff to the songs, repeat with other songs.
  • When you run out of demos, download the beatbattles songs
  • Look at the songs, remix the songs, add new stuff to the songs, repeat with other songs.

Keep doing this until you have a basic understanding of how to “play” Renoise. It will take more than 10 minutes, i’ve been at it since for over 10 years and i’m no where near using the full potential of Renoise, rinse and repeat.

Good luck!

If you want to record sounds/voice/song from external sources into your computer you need a sound card with a ‘Line in’ option. Often there is some kind of ‘line in’ on regular sound cards, but if you want to get a ‘good’ quality it’s recommended to buy a sound card for music production/editing. (M-audio have great, cheep sound cards for example)

In the choice of mic, there are a few things to have in mind. As I said, If you gonna sing alot the best choice would be a condencer mic. And for this mic voltage is necessary. (+48V). Therefor you need a mic-preamp OR a Mixer with a mic-preamp built in, this way you can also adjust the mic level. You can read more about microphones here. With a USB mic you don’t have to care about this.

This MDA piano i suggested is a very basic VSTi (software instrument). You basically load the instrumen into Renoise and play with a MIDI keyboard or your regular keyboard.

Yes, You can choose Wav or MP3 and also in which quality you want to record. Find more about this little fellow here. (Note that you also can use the H2 as a USB-mic!

Hope I could answer your questions

This post should be a sticky!

thanks for all your help>>>I see what you mean about me going in too fast, i just want to experiment with my music which is very accoustic at the moment, and wanting to overlap piano and ukelele recordings with voice…ta for the help>>>i shal take renoise into mind.

If you’re serious about getting a decent quality recording of your voice, two decent entry-level soundcards are the Audiophile 2496 and the E-mu 0404, both under $100

but you’ll also need a preamp for the mic, and I believe there’s a decent Behringer preamp for under $100 as well. Don’t know the model number though [google it!]

I like the way you write your messages!