Voice Transformation Software

Hello my wise and talented friends.

I hope someone here can share some knowledge in regards to voice transformation/morphing software and concepts.

Basically, I am looking for a tool that will take input from the microphone or a wav file, and allow me to modify its characteristics.

For example, I would like to reduce the pitch (in a non distorting way) so that I can record cheesy-yet-uplifting phrases like “keep that bass pumping hard (put echo here)”

Now heres the thing. I have this ancient piece of hardware called Voice Transformer by Boss which has two interesting sliders - pitch and formant. This box is doing a great job, but I am looking for a more advanced, software based utility.

I found two softwares, but one is very buggy, and one is not professional enough.

  1. AV Voice Changer - this is a nice tool, with exactly what I wanted and more, but its GUI is annoying and it crashes a LOT.
  2. MorphVOX - which is less what I wanted, since it uses some predefined voice patterns, and is more suitable for online gaming and online chat.

I prefer that these tools will not be VST but standalong, since the recording and modification requires many takes and is not required to be realtime.

Is anyone aware of additional tools?

Thanks in advance and happy renoising.

i slightly remember a vst plugin called voicemachine from steinberg i think.

Thanks. Will give it a shot.
I also found another plugin that looks sweet - Pitchwheel, by QuikQuak (http://www.quikquak.com/)

You might want to check prosoniq morph …does what the name suggests …can also function as a high quality vocoder .(dependant of audiocontent you route to the plugin .)The plugin analyzes the audio input ( fft synthesis ) and you can get some really wicked effects …For example you can use vocal material with the audio charactersistics:harmonic content of a pan flute (
Set up: create 2 tracks ( carrier and modulator ) create 2 send channel instances for the tracks …pan them both hard left and right in the pre mixer and rout them to the send bus ( where the plugin is loaded )

Thanks, I will check it out.
Thats a nice use of the send device - good for all those who use left track to analyze right (or vice versa)
I think AutoTune also uses this method (saw a youtube I think… )

Well, going to check.

Checked out some of their sound demos on the site - sounds very cool and perhaps will join my library.

don’t forget to mute the faders in the post mixer for each ( with a send device )track …only the prefader should let the signal through …and pan hard left and right …It took some time for me to figure it out …it’s an amazing plug

Thanks for sharing - you probably saved me a little headache and a lot of time :)