VoiceRunner - Sort 'Unique' doesn't always work, not sure

Hi folks,

My favorite Tool, easily, is VoiceRunner, because I have it assigned to Shift+S and immediately after recording any notes played on my external MIDI keyboard, I hit my key command and boom, the notes are sorted – well, most of the time they are sorted.

Some times, they aren’t…at least, not quite right.

I keep my settings in VoiceRunner the same all the time — sort Low to High, and sort Unique. This is because what I want is that each note I play gets its own column in the track. (Not each individual note, mind you, but each note on the keyboard, so one column for C2, one column for D2, etc, assuming I played those notes while recording).

Frequently, it works exactly as expected: each note I played on my keyboard gets its own lane after I sort, going from low to high (left to right in the track).

But, often, it doesn’t quite work right. It will appear to do some sorting, add a couple extra lanes (or not…) and then it’s quickly evident that a given note shows up in more than one column. I’ll find C4 in the first column, but then there will be a second (unwanted) column that also has some C4 in it. This can happen with one or more notes.

Anyway, sorry for over explaining, but I want to make sure whomever reads this understands my usage case exactly.

Is it possible there is something I’m doing, that I don’t realize I’m doing, that causes it to do this? Or is VoiceRunner just not quite 100% at doing its job? That would be too bad, because when it works, it’s performing an invaluable function for me! Seeing notes laid out left to right, one column per note – while indeed using a lot of screen real estate – actually makes the tracker form feel a lot more like using a piano roll, in a way that makes a workable in between for me. Without VoiceRunner’s behavior, editing my recorded playing is an absolute nightmare – there’s notes everywhere, scattered among multiple columns. It’s a headache just to find one note that needs changing. With VoiceRunner (working correctly) this issue is totally eliminated!

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to get it working properly 100% of the time. Thanks!


Thanks for the kind words!

The “unique” sorting mode is by far the simplest one - but VR still relies on the same logic to tell which notes belong together

(linked via e.g. slide commands or otherwise, this is all customizable).

So a screenshot of your tool prefs (or the preferences.xml themselves) + an example .xrns demonstrating the problem would be great :slight_smile: