Void Pointer - Alpha

Unz unz unz unz unz unz unz :D


well… o0 since ive heard this track develope a bit i can say #$^$# damn. puntjes op de i.

that a awesome mix you got there… also, weeeeeeee :w00t:

Foot stompin stuff… wish I could hear that in a club on a huge sound system.

yes…kewl pumpin technotrack…01:14 is the place where the crowd in the club shouts “WOOOOOOOO!!!”

if there would be a 320 kp mp3 download…i´d be VERY thankful.

grx: d

Superb, excellent groove. Download?

not my taste, but very well done!

I sent it out to a few labels, hence why there is no download available. When it fails to get signed, I’ll make sure to post a link asap ;)

Not bad not bad

Oh, then I hope to have a buy link asap. :)