Void Pointer - Dunkelkammer

I just uploaded a new tune. Shake those billen! :D



:drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer:
:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Rather good!

Thanks! :)

Nice one, sat here listening with my 2 day old little girl. :D

I’d put that tune on my mp3 player when I would find the download link :panic:

All done with renoise?

Yes, 100% Renoise :)

I’m planning on releasing these tracks on a label, hence why downloads are disabled. If I get no interest in a few months, I will publish a few myself :)

Cool, you deserve a proper label release for sure. keep the faith, I know you can do it B)

Awesome awesome track!! Should be in every club :)

solid, good work

that’s groove!!!

Amazing. Ken Ishiiesq. <3