Void Pointer - Oortrommel

Finally a new track! Downtempo/Ethnic stuff this time :)



(Edit Vv:mp3 player test)


Very nice track, very lush sounding! Also very Void Pointer sounding, though I did miss something of a ‘hook’, although the sonic vibe is catchy on its own, sometimes the track felt a bit too ‘random’ or something, as if it weren’t sure where to go. Song also reminds me somehow of the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack… the same Techy Hindu vibe. Good work again, sir! Thanks for sharing!

yeah this sounds great dude, love the atmosphere.
i’ve been a big fan of your uptempo stuff, but definitely likin this too.

(btw, how is the Tonaroma thing going? I see you’re on Beatport, awesome. curious about the effect/outcome)

Nice :)

Thanks folks!

I’m not sure how I am liking it. Of course I can not discuss this in a public topic, but I’m definitely on the look out for more :)

Are my topics the new test dummies? :D I don’t mind of course! :D

Nice one. You really have your own style, both in mixing and composition :walkman:

Hah, who needs and intro you just hit me up straight into it. I love it. Some awesome pad work and this mix is in my headphones big, huge even. Love it! :D

Haven’t you already made a track with that title looong time ago? :P

Anyway, a neat song.

That’s actually true. But I lost it and I can’t find it on the interwebz… so meh :D

Well, not specifically, but i was browsing the newer link only posts regarding various formats. You were also the first mp3 link i encountered that day.
Embedding your stuff in the post makes it a lot more accessible thus puts you more on the display.

I have the whole Para EP. Could send you if you want. :)

Oh yes, please! Do you have more of my older stuff? I lost it all due to a HDD crash a while back :(