Void Pointer - Spacesnip B

This is the second track in the Spacesnip series, expect some deep stuff again. I guess many of you will find it too boring, but oh well… :)



Nice B)

Track download is disabled. Doh!

EDIT: Never mind, found a workaround ^_^

How? It’s not supposed to be downloadable :D I hope you didn’t record the stream, since it’s a measily 128kbs!

A soundcloud ripper does the job ^_^


But I guess you ripped it because you thought it was good? ;)

I will play it tomorrow the crowd … B)

Videos or it didn’t happen!

Yes, I downloaded it (and a few others) because they’re good listening :)

Ripped it the good ol’ fashioned way: ran through the page source code. Not too far after the text “Spacesnip B” there’s a URL for the stream in there among some Javascript. I plugged it into the URL bar and QuickTime loaded up to play it. Firefox -> File -> Save As and the extension showed up as MP3. Beautiful.

It is only 128kbps but it sounded fine to me.

Ah, my poor woofers! Nice one! :)