Voilà Le Printemps by Prosper Proper

Hi everybody,

Here in France, spring is here, a lot of sunshine and mild temperatures are enlightening days…
I made this song to celebrate this beautiful beginning of the year, and also because Renoise amuses me a lot.

I hope you will like this title. Fell free to tell me what I could improve, I always find the sound misses a little something… I guess everybody does, but sometimes there are obvious things you can’t invent…

Every parts are programmed or recorded by me, I played melodica, guitar & bass.
All sound processing is done with bare Renoise plugins (including guitar sound, I have an old stratocaster and just cabinet simulator…) I also use zynaddsubfx to get some nice synths.

I didn’t upload the source file, but if anyone is interested, I’d be happy to do so.


I thought at the first bars that this was a slow balland and then suprised and then back again.Cool song my friend

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