I just came across an interesting vocoder VST called Vokko, which is cheap enough that I’m considering buying it. However, after trying the demo version, I’m unable to produce sound in Renoise with it. I see there’s an FX version that might help, but it’s only available for registered users.

My question is simply: Does Vokko work with Renoise? Has anyone tried it and succeeded (or failed, for that matter)?

Bonus question: Are there better (cheap or free) vocoder plugins that work with Renoise available anywhere?

MDA Talkbox is for free and works pretty well with Renoise , the plugin is part of one of the free MDA plugin packs.

But before you completely quit on Vokko:
The trick is usually:
Track 01:vocal track, completely panned to the left or right, senddevice to sendtrack 01
Track 02: Instrument track that modulates the vocoder plugin completely panned to the opposite side of Track 01
Send Track 01:vocoder plugin processing both channels, outputting the vocoded feed.

Edit:Owh the irony… Talkbox is linked on the Vokko page :P
So what vokko basically does is the above setting (using Talkbox!!) but then panning send-track 01 to the left and you would need to have another send-track to pan to the right and then you have your completely free Vokko plugin.

^ hero