Volca Metal Demo

Just a very quickly made noodle to make me feel better about the money I have spent


I like the refrain. What volcas are these and did you use Renoise for sequencing? The guitar is sample or fm?

Volca beats, bass, keys, and fm. 100% Renoise sequenced. The guitar is just a guitar DI through a VST chain.

The guitar distortion rules :guitar:

That the messiah cab impulses at work, best $5 I ever spent:


Nice track!

I agree the guitar sounds nice, very nice effecting, though i think it could have been wider sounding. I learned a great trick for this a short while ago, all you have to do is to duplicate the guitar track, hard pan left and right and re record the guitar on one of the tracks. Might be worth a try?

I think the supersaw lead is lacking a bit vivacity and occupies the soundscape too much throughout the song. If you simply just remove parts of the lead so it’s not always there, like for instance in the first few patterns where guitar kicks in and such, i believe it would make the track sound more vivid and dynamic.

At first i read Vocal, waiting for the refrain, wtf are those vocals?..oh…doh.

^That is definitely the best way to record guitar. Instead I was lazy and used a stereoizer plug in. Some of the playing was pretty sloppy too.

Next time, I’m also just, not going to use Volca Beats. I found it very difficult to program something interesting on it. I like the hi hat, maybe I’ll use it as a hat machine in the future. It doesn’t have velocity sensitivity, and you can’t control very much with midi. I had an idea to make the snare more interesting, I was going to program some changing of the decay, shorter for rolls longer for more impactful hits. If you want to do something like that, you just have to twist it on the actual machine in real time, there’s no way to do it with midi. You can record the motion if you’re sequencing on the volca itself (and it sound pretty cool when you do), but that has some pretty steep limitations too. The snare just by itself is really weak sounding, so I feel like you have to do some creative stuff with it for it to not suck, but if you’re sequencing with midi there’s just not much you can do with it. I ended up just falling back on a kinda fast 4 on the floor beat because I couldn’t really do what I wanted to do with it.

The Bass and Keys are just all sorts of endless fun and they sound fantastic. The FM is great too, but you need a 3rd party midi mod thingy to send it velocities and last I checked they were all sold out. It’s still great though. A little hard to program but that comes with the territory for FM. It’s as intuitive to program as I could ever imagine it to be on such a tiny unit.