Volume 90-Ff?

I must be doing something wrong. :wacko:

I’ve hit the note volume numbers limit 80 (8f?) nearly always, since i use renoise version 1.5, and all I (remember I) ever did then was adjusting the signal headroom (track/gainer/track-headroom setting) + change a lot of values.

Wasn’t there a default note volume once?
So that I set it to e.g. 60 and all notes-without-volume are 60, not 80 or whatever it be. Or the 60 appears at each note by default, something like that.

I really need some more numbers up there to increase some note volumes in a late song project stage.

Thanks for any hint…

volume upper limit = 80

check the bottom left corner for the status updates when inputting command(values) for minimum/maximum info. Also check out the manual.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve found the volume default, it’s that keyboard knob…