Volume change using the multiband send device


I noticed something quite strange today. When using the multiband send on a group that is itself in a other group, there seems to be a volume change at the output. The change is subtle and I thought my mind was playing tricks on me at first. I’ve tried to make an example xrns to show you.

When you first play the track with the multiband send, you can see that the master is peaking at -7.717. Then disable the device and watch the master peaking at -4.575. I don’t really understand why it’s doing that… Is it considered as normal behaviour?


UPDATE: I’m sorry I forgot to remove the compressor on the outer group, which of course changes the volume. But even without it, you can see the master peaking at a different level. I re-uploaded the xrns without the compressor.

UPDATE 2: The different types (LR2,LR4,LR8 Fast/Steep FIR) seem to have an impact on the level difference at the output. Also, the fact that the track is in a group doesn’t change anything actually.

I really have no idea what’s going on, maybe it’s due to some aliasing prevention or something? Can’t see an obvious reason for it, but if you hard cut between frequencies i would imagine you would get an awful lot of aliasing issues, so i guess there might be a slight curve to it?

Yeah that’s what I thought also. It’s maybe related to how the different algorithms work… But could someone explain to me the function (not the detailed algorithm) of the different types (LR2,LR4,LR8 Fast/Steep FIR)? I have noticed that Fast/Steep FIR seem not to be affected by this volume problem.