Volume Control With B0

Is it possible to control the volume of a note column when B0 is used?

Its obvious that you cant use anything else when the column is occupied by B0 but what i’m wondering is if there is an alternate technique?

My best guess is to re-record the sample in reverse, but as a humble learner i’m willing to bet my ideas may be short-sighted.

Particularly i’m trying to play a reverse snare, and the ramp up hit seems to clip quite easily.

Yes, use 0B00 in effect column so you can keep the volume column free. And you can spawn more effect columns if you want to.

in case you cannot use the command column for whatever reason, you can still use the panning column, since B0 works both in volume and panning column.

the panning column is not shown by default; use LCTRL+LSHIFT+P to show it


C-4 B0 .. ----  
C-4 .. B0 ----  
C-4 .. .. 0B00  

All these lines do exactly the same

with the exception that the third reverses all the notes in the track, while the first two reverse only the notes in the related column.

C-4 B0 -- E-4 -- -- ---- <= reverses C-4 only  
C-4 -- -- E-4 -- -- 0B00 <= reverses both C-4 and E-4  

I can’t check now, but it would be interesting to know what this does:

C-4 B0 -- E-4 -- -- 0B00 <= ??  


Thanks, these are excellent suggestions! I’ll experiment a bit more with some of these ideas.

Ah yes, ofcourse, now I remember why I sometimes use panning column for reversing. :D

Both samples play backwards. Even this makes both samples play backwards:

C-4 B1 -- E-4 -- -- 0B00 <= ??  

Apparently the effect command column overrides volume column.