volume control

pretty obvious really… it was only when i was forced to use some cheap headphones (rather than going through my stereo) that i realised how much of a bastard it was to find a suitable volume level to track at: exit renoise, use sound mixer, load renoise, be deafened, exit renoise, etc…(why oh why did soundcard manufacturers suddenly decide that having volume control at the back of a card was SO TWENTIETH CENTURY :rolleyes: ?).

i assume this would be pretty easy to add :)

(the thing at the top of the screen doesn’t count; it adjusts the level for the song rather than the program…as far as i can tell. putting that bar at 50% doesn’t seem to give a simple half-volume version of 100%…sounds seem to be processed differently. or this is all in my head.)

Erm … why are you exiting and reloading renoise everytime tho? I keep my volume/mixer control open all the time and just alt-tab to it when I need to adjust the volume, then alt-tab back to renoise (or whatever app I’m using).

cuz i’m stupid?

nah, multitasking goes really slow with renoise open…i find it’s not much slower to just quit and reload the program altogether (and then find my song and load it again and OK FINE I SHOULD DO IT YOUR WAY)

anyway, the request still stands :)