Volume Envelope of Samples post fx


I am familiar with setting volume envelopes of samples using AHDSR, Envelope or Fader modules but I imagine that this envelope is applied before any track effects, such as compression etc are applied to the sample. I’m using this for chopped up breaks. Is there a way to apply this volume envelope to the sample post track fx? For example, I may not want a sample with the volume envelope applied going into a compressor, I may want to apply the compressor effect first and then apply a volume envelope.

Of course I could render the sample with the compression effect and then apply the volume envelopes to the rendered sample but this is all about having to avoid doing that.


Since DSP effects are applied to the combined stereo output of the modulation, whereas modulation is applied independently to each playing voice, this isn’t possible ATM.

Your best bet is either to render the sound first (like you point out), or use the “key/velocity tracker linked to LFO device trick” - this allows you to roll your own envelope, but it only really works on a single voice at a time.