Volume fade

Is there a way to adjust a samples volume like I could in ProTracker and the likes? -Where I could select a range in the waveform, and click something like ctrl+v or ctrl+f, and get a dialogbox where I could set start volume and end volume. The volume range could then be set from 0% to 200%. This was extremely useful for boosting the volume in the beginning of a sample (without getting an ugly transition to where you didn’t edit the volume), by setting the volume fade to “200% to 100%”. I can’t even find this option in Audacity.
Any tools that does this job?

You can set the current volume of the selection in the sample editor and then use the fade in or fade-out buttons, but for trickery like going from 200% to 100%, you have to fumble with track DSP’s (Like an LFO fumbling with the volume fader of the track) and then apply the Track its DSP’s in the sample editor.

That’s a shame… I’ve got a sample that fades in, and I want to boost the volume at the beginning so that the fade-in isn’t as noticeable.
This was very easy to do in the sample-editors on the trackers I used back in the day, so I kinda figured this was a standard feature for all sample-editors. It shouldn’t be hard to implement, so I’m hoping this could be a ‘new’ feature in 2.9. :)

Thanks for the reply vV.

I know what you mean, but i also recall that the quality of the faded snippet was quite lacking some frequencies that also made the “unfade-trick” pretty noticable. I simply stepped to cutting out the fade in part completely in the majority of cases because of that (also saved me a some bits of RAM for the song as well).
Though nowadays these tricks are less noticeable and we have a lot of clever tricks to conceal the noticeable effects.

Totally agree, DoubleDeep.

OctaMED used to have this function!

It’s one of the few remaining things I have to switch-out to a ‘proper’ sample editor to accomplish.

I’ve posted a request in the tools department to see if anyone can make us one.

What editor do you use that has this feature? I can’t seem to find it in Audacity.