Volume Of Samples In Browser...


Can we refer to this as the wormjar-fader in the manual?

Me too! Like a large company is working on this project! Programming is a big mystery to me (:

This will hopefully become one of the top priority reasons for most users to make them decide to register Renoise. It is the hidden more-value for money you get if you register.

Yep, for me this has been worth the price I paid for it alone.

I paid for it, then I started hammering these forums to get value for money… Every request (apart from the edit step quantize thing) has been implemented!!

I suggested a volume control on the sample browser and it became a majore new feature! Imagine sending such a request to Steinberg et al…

It honestly feels like you are a member of the team when you register this software.

It is absolutely brilliant to be a paid up member.