Volume Of Samples In Browser...

When auditioning samples in the browser, is there any way to control the volume?

I nearly deafened myself yesterday when I was checking out sounds…

Sorry if this is in the manual… Im tired!

…if you know a sound is high volume, you would turn down the knob on your mixer beforehand. Reading your post I assume you was unpleasantly surprised with a very loud sound…how could you have known to turn down the volume before auditioning?
I don’t see an advantage having volume control in the browser, can’t you just adjust the master fader next to the panic button?

Add a compressor to the master-track to limit the peaks or simply slide the master-track slider in the mixer a bit downwards.
If you open up the mixer you will notice level-meter activity when you prehear samples in the diskbrowser.

I was mixing down a track so all the levels in the actual track were pretty low. I wanted to audition a few new sounds, and they play at 0db from the sample browser. This was much much louder that the track playing. Thats why I wanted a volume control on the sample browser.

I have seen this is other apps, so it is not a completely redundant idea.

Make very much sense to me.
Depending on how many tracks/sounds and dynamics you have in your mix etc the difference from preview and a single track can be VERY big.
And you never know what kinda awful sounds you can stumble across when you are searching with preview in the browser.
You got my full support for such a feature.

You see!! :)

I audition sounds with the track running most of the time, just to see if the sounds work in the context of the mix. When they are about 900db louder than the mix, not only does it shatter my eardrums, if also gives me little idea of what the sound is going to be like.

Just a little slider on the browser window would do the job.

Cubase has this function as does Sound Forge…

have the loudest noise possible be just at the border of whats okay for you, always keep it around that position. this keeps you from turning up the volume on your stereo and instead amplify whatever needs amplifying in renoise. and no more nasty surprises like that.

it also helps a lot for getting a mix right because you start to realise when something is too soft or too loud in a mix even before you’re mastering. this means you have almost no work when you’re mastering, just some finishing touches.

You are missing the point…

Samples play at 0db in the Sample Browser. If the whole song is mixed at a much lower overall level and you click a sample in the browser to hear it, it is going to be much louder.

As I said before, this is not just about bustin my ears, but also being able to control the level in relation to the existing mix…

Loads of apps have this feature.

ahh okay i get it now.

Absolutely agree about this one. I’ve made a request about this feature earlier on as well. Currently I turn down the volume of my mixer (which my soundcard is hooked up to) when I preview samples but it’s kinda nutty solution to something that could and should be fixed in the software.

Of course this would be useful. The only reason why there is no volume control for the prehearing yet (together with some routing options), is that I didn’t found a nice and obvious place for the this in the UI. If someone has an idea for this, let us know…

what about a vertical slider (maybe half the width of a standard slider)
between the folder-window and the file-window? and if it doesn’t go all the way up the top-line of those windows, there could be an “R” button (or something) with a little dropdown-menu for routing options…

or i guess the routing of the prehear could be set in audio configuration, as this probably isn’t something we need to change more than once.

I think at least the volume could easily be put here:

Does not feel crowded to me. Don’t have to be visible when you have selected something else then ·sample

However having routing here also will clutter things?

I’m not sure…

Could be better to just hide the routing in the context menu?
There simply is not room to have all option visible all the time.
Like you can rightclick VUmeters to change db range, I think you should just rightclick the ‘prehear volume’ area to change routing.


That was indeed obvious. Added this for the next release, but without the routing options because thats too much work for now…


for a matter of consistency, make it disappear when prehearing is disabled

not really. there is always possibility to pre-hear with ‘right arrow’.

Sweet! Really looking forward to using it. :) (and once again I’m positively amazed how short the way from request to implementation is in Renoise)

Yeah, I basically like the small fader. But would be interesting to have something more smart, for example Renoise calculates RMS power of music it plays and the prehear routine uses the last calculated value to scale prehear volume. With that logic there would almost no chances user got deaf. That RMS power could be also useful for some other purposes. Just a thought.