Volume Resolution

Is it possible to change the range of possible volumes from 40 (64 decimal) to 80 (128 decimal) in future versions of Renoise? As far as I know all MIDI software uses 128 volume steps, and I’m currently trying out the Vienna Symphonic Strings Library with GigaStudio, and I should be able to use volumes of 0-127 to access the different velocity layers. Currently I can only access half of them though. :(

Midi instruments in renoise has 80. Not 40.

Edit: or did you use it as vsti? Then I might see your problem :confused:
But still… it cant have that much velocity sensetivity?
I mean… like one sample on velocity 123 and another on velocity 124.
So I dont think you will miss anything using vsti.

Still I cant see any reason why renoise should not have a native volume range to 80 instead of 40.

No, I didn’t use it as a VSTi yet. But how come I don’t have 80 volume steps then when using GigaStudio via MIDI as you say it should?

You have made a midi instrument?

Then you can type anything from 00 - 80
Just try.

Oh, it said “Unknown effect number” when I tried that before. Not very logical really, but thanks for the tip. :)

Post a request at Taktik’s address to make it say “Undocumented effectnumber”…
We’ll soon get a hell load of requests…“What does effect xxxx do?”