Volume Scaling

yesterday for the first time i needed to do a volume scale on a selection (i always did stuff like this via envelopes but this time i couldnt). yes, i know about right click-selection-linear/logarythmical/exponential interpolation, but:
00 C-5 (0)
01 C-5 10
02 C-5 (80)

if i wanted to do simple fade-in, but linear interpolation ignores volume 10 and replaces it by 40… is there some way to do volume scale in a way i was used to do that in FT2 via Alt-V?

if I remember well, ALT+V in FT2 let you multiply the volume by a value. this can be done via the Advanced edit

actually that feature is more advanced, it has “enter start scale” and “enter end scale” options, advanced edit doesn’t help with this… so: i used this feature a lot in FT2, in renoise i didn’t need it so much because we have envelopes but they can’t solve everything. imagine you’ve got track (with 6 subtracks for example) with accoustic piano and a lot of dynamics in it (volume commands). i need to fade-in first three subtracks, i can’t do it with envelopes (affects whole track), neither can i use linear interpolation (ignores dynamics, replaces my volume commands). so is there another way (i mean other than count single notes using a calc : )??

(and i should mention that my piano is VST based so splitting notes in two tracks (and moving effects to send channel) isn’t solution for me…)

yes, I understand you, and have faced with this problem several times.

what I do when I don’t want to scale everything by hand, is to use CTRL+B and CTRL+E to make a subselection (for example first four rows of the ones to be scaled), and use advanced edit to scale everything to 0.8*4 times, then I select another block and apply the scaling 3 times, then 2 times on another block, then only once on another.

nothing great but still faster than by hand.

thanks a lot, this is a little bit tricky solution but i don’t need to do it often, so i’m sure i’ll be happy with this one, thanks =)

p.s. i’m not sure if you remember, we met at buenzli15 and talked to each other at the toilets for about a minute :D

oh yes I remember! the world is really as small as a toilette :D