Volume Slider Is Too Small

that one at the top left.

yeah… even if the window is at minimum width, there is unused space there…

also, a tool tip to show the current db value would be a nice touch… and a “notch” for the 0db position perhaps.

Sounds like a good idea.

I’d prefer to see master volume as regular mixing control with some control buttons…

Use the one in the mixer if you need the bigger variant ;)

buy the hardware biaches!

why not make the one that is there use the space that is otherwise unused? :wacko:

hehheh, I know that no people here mean no harm what so ever. but sometimes I feel really sorry for the dev’s we have, they work really hard on the next beta, only to have us moaning and complaining :P

Well, no, they usually start at ease with “This update is really cool and so and best release ever”
But they then tend to end with “BUT WHY THE H***CK DIDN’T YOU IMPLEMENTED FEATURE X YET! I’m SoO DisAPpOiNteD in You gUYS!!!111”

a good idea ain’t whining though ^_^

Nopes, in this case not. But i’ve already witnessed a few cases where users got disappointed.
Well, can’t please everybody at once… it goes in chapters so keep on reading, every book has a final chapter.

I think anyone being disappointed with this release is being foolish
Out of the huge list of new stuff there must be something everyone can be happy about
I think most of the new stuff is useless to me but at the same time i have MIDI triggered patterns, and i have been waiting for that since i started using Renoise so im as happy as a pig in shi*


As would be anyone interpreting constructive criticism as disappointment ;)