vooxengo boogex 2 free guitar amp

The verry nice and great sounding voxengo boogex got just updated to version 2.0

I don’t want to sound like a jerk but imho it beats renoise cabinet sim. hands down, and we can load our own impulse files .

Now t version 2 souns absolutely wonderfull, different amp saturation models , built in oldskoolreverb etc…

Get it


Thanks! Very nice Plugin.

hmmm not a lo tof love for this one it seems …

strange …it’s a verry immpRessive FREEBEE

Haven’t got to try it yet, maybe tonight.

I’ve been using Ignite Amps Emissary since it came out, and it’s absolutely fantastic. Now it is very “solid state” sounding, but if you’re looking for an ultra crisp clean tone, or a ultra clean heavy metal tone, it’s perfect. All of the Ignite Amps plugins are fantastic actually. I use their impulse loader for cab responses NadIR no matter what amp sim I’m using.

Can’t go wrong with LePou either.

I actually don’t mind Renoise’s cab sim for clean guitar tones, sometimes it’s even cool sounding, but anything with any grit or distortion at all I go elsewhere.