Vote An (son Kote Mix)

Hi there,

I’m Bart Klepka from . Thought I’d drop in say hello and invite you to check out my latest mix. I remix video game music as a hobby, and after a 3 year break, I just recently released a new psy-trance remix of the Star Wars: Republic Commando theme.

The reason I’m posting here is because it’s my first release which was created in Renoise. I used to work with Impulse Tracker, but the vast restrictions soon became overwhelming. So a while back I had a look at Renoise (got tired of waiting for IT3), and I must say… it was very frustrating learning to use the mouse while tracking. I was very used to programming my music through the keyboard… knowing all the shortcuts… without ever having to have to touch the mouse. It took a long time but I finally managed to ‘adapt’ to this new way, and I must say I’m glad I did… Renoise is a very powerful musical application.

Anyway, enough about my life story. If you’re a fan of electronica / psytrance, or just curious how psy-trance and Star Wars could ever work together… check out the mix!

Above is the direct link to the mix page.

Hope you enjoy. Cheers!

-Bart Klepka

PS: All remixes on my site before this mix (released 2003 and earlier) were all done in Impulse Tracker.