Vote For Renoise 2012

Hello fellow Renoisers !!

Just found this a few minutes ago. I tried to browse on the Renoise forums to see if anyone posted it already but could not find anything about it, appologize if you guys already been informed… Anyway, has started a poll !! What’s The Best DAW In The World 2012. This has been posted just a week ago ! The poll will be available through the end of the day June 15th Renoise is listed there so don´t forget to give it a vote ;) Keep on Tracking ! /RollingThunder.

Edit: Might be a good idea to post the link to, huh ?? :lol:

i voted! i voted renoise!

Also voted of course :)
Btw. synthopia is a very nice source for synthesizers and electronic music gear.

It is such a big fat biased poll… Ofcourse everybody who owns the one piece of software votes for it.
But nevertheless a great opportunity to see a scaled statistic how much users each DAW approx. represent.

Indeed, the developpement of those DAWS hasn’t started at the same time, with the same speed, with the same teams, the same revenues, with the same choices and the same goals. We can’t compare softwares that are still in developpement, with other ones that are simply ultra-mature.

Ableton live reaches its 8th version, FL, reaches the 11th release… Can anyone remember how worked Ableton 2.8 or FL 2.8 ? I’m not sure that those softwares at that time were as interesting as renoise.

Then, choosing a DAW, isn’t a question of statistics, but the way you feel with the tool, the way it allows you to achieve your musical goals.
I haven’t tested all the solutions; just 50% of the listed ones, but voted for renoise, simply because of the :

  • very efficient & clever interface
  • stability, compatability (VSTs, multiplatform)
  • flexibility (meta-devices, & LUA scripts)
  • evolution potential

I agree totally ;) This kind of polls are more or less worthless, but still kinda fun, It is not the DAW that makes a great artist/dj/producer it is the artist/dj/producer that makes grear music with the DAW or traker or whatever you choose to call it ;)

fl studio favorite ))))) lol

yes indeed tools are just what they are

but what is cool, is that renoise wouldn’t have been in that list 2 years ago

Our little software doesn’t stand a chance of getting voted to the top spot - simply not enough Renoise users on this planet to pull that one off.
Hmm…perhaps someone should call the extraterrestrial tracker brigade? I’m sure there are more like us out there … :lol:

PS: Also, Dr. T’s KCS is there? Wicked.

at least Renoise is in the list. this is already more than one can expect

Those who think they make cool stuff, use cubase. Those who simply make cool stuff, use Renoise.

I’m so glad I started with Renoise. If I started with and got used to another I would have said it’s the best DAW. But I actually am using the best one lol.

Snapshot from 6/8/2012
… 10th spot, actually not bad :slight_smile:

Ableton Live 18.32% (1,314 votes)
Native Instruments Maschine 0.4% (29 votes)
FL Studio 32.77% (2,351 votes)
Apple Logic 8.52% (611 votes)
Cockos Reaper 4.27% (306 votes)
Magix Sequoia 0.06% (4 votes)
Cubase 3.92% (281 votes)
Propellerhead Reason 8.34% (598 votes)
Cakewalk Sonar 1.37% (98 votes)
Avid Pro Tools 2.82% (202 votes)
Apple GarageBand 0.38% (27 votes)
Sony Acid 0.28% (20 votes)
Steinberg Nuendo 0.29% (21 votes)
Renoise 1.85% (133 votes)
PreSonus Studio One 11.81% (847 votes)
MOTU Digital Performer 1.8% (129 votes)
Ardour 0.1% (7 votes)
Adobe Audition 0.17% (12 votes)
Dr T’s Keyboard Controlled Sequencer 0.11% (8 votes)
Nanoloop 0.13% (9 votes)
Mackie Tracktion 0.04% (3 votes)
Bitwig Studio 0.63% (45 votes)
Swar Studio 0.07% (5 votes)
Magix Samplitude 0.31% (22 votes)
Other: 1.28% (92 votes)

You should read the comments made, some are real LOL posts.

This is the same kind of popularity-contest as those who named Guetta the worlds greatest DJ.
I still voted for Renoise tho… And Renoise is ahead of ProTools, and nearly as many votes as Cubase. :)

I’ll vote for renoise any day. just let me know. there’s a pride that comes with using this software.


i’ll give you another big fat reason why this poll is biased. i personally think that only people who have actually purchased their DAW should be allowed to vote. there are so many hobbyist artists who produce with pirated software it’s sickening and i’m usually not that strict when it comes to piracy.

Even in the professional world, they use pirated software… ;)

As of this post’s writing, it seems like Renoise is at least among the Top-10 rated DAWs according to the poll mentioned by the OP:

  1. FL Studio 29.73% (2,945 votes)
  2. Ableton Live 16.59% (1,643 votes)
  3. PreSonus Studio One 15.07% (1,493 votes)
  4. Apple Logic 7.87% (780 votes)
  5. Propellerhead Reason 7.17% (710 votes)
  6. Renoise 5.44% (539 votes)
  7. Cockos Reaper 4.73% (469 votes)
  8. Cubase 3.89% (385 votes)
  9. Avid Pro Tools 2.53% (251 votes)
  10. Cakewalk Sonar 1.43% (142 votes)
    Total Votes: 9,906