Vote for the Monthly Renoise Centric Challenge 2021/01

Hello there,
This crazy year comes to an end ! It’s time to refocus on your music, let your mind wandering and produce !

I had great time with last challenge, listening your barking creations and writing mine.

I’ve prepared a 3 pools of suggestions. You can vote for each one of them and January challenge will be made of the top 3 winners. I’ll probably have to make arbitrary decisions for being precise, but we will get the general idea.

If you have new smart and dumb ideas for February, please answer this thread and I will suggest them for next month.

Pool 1
  • only one track
  • no effects
  • only effects (no notes)
  • ridiculous 32 bpm
  • ridiculous 999 bpm
  • hand drawn samples
  • only use a given single sample to create new ones
  • fill all the lines
  • all notes are arpaggiated
  • use a particular instrument
  • only one pattern of fixed length
  • must be a canon
  • use a particular key
  • use a particular chord progression
  • a cover of a song

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Pool 2
  • remake of a song
  • a themed song
  • fork an existing .xrns
  • only mix an exiting .xrns
  • each notes triggered randomly
  • use only your voice
  • less than xx kb .xrns file
  • forbid some frequencies
  • make a synthesizer in renoise
  • use a specific beat pattern
  • make a beat out of effects
  • a 1 minute song
  • a 30 minutes song
  • a 1 hour song
  • Collaborate with someone

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Pool 3
  • Make a full collaborative song with completing what a previous one made yesterday. There can be forks and merge !
  • Explore an obscure genre (randomly picked at
  • Craft all your beats and instruments with a sound synthesizer, no presets allowed
  • 30 minutes time box from the moment you open renoise to the moment you render your song
  • Only beats, no melody/chords !
  • 1 LPB setting (with regular BPM, don’t skip beats to compensate)
  • Make quarter tones (microtonality ?)
  • Derive something generated by
  • Make a dodecaphony (
  • Abuse the effect commands
  • Pick 3 songs from different genres, borrow the lead instrument from one, the beat from the other and another element (voice, fx, overall atmosphere, construction) from the 3rd.

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Thanks for your vote !

(and don’t forget to suggest your ideas)

Previous issues of the challenge :

  • 2020/12 : 1 minute piece derived from a single sample with .xrns file less than 435kb
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