Voting About Top Features In Renoise

I have an idea.
Is it possible to make some sort of voting where everybody could vote for his favorite Renoise “future feature”?
It would be nice if all wishes of users organize in one system. And it would be more easier for authors of Renoise to understand - what function is MOST WANTED.

and vote for this idea;)


You mean like the voting feature which registered users already have?

How did you not see this feature yet?

[edit] I blurred the vote options in case that information is somehow restricted.


Because I use a 1.5 demo from this site (not 1.8 because a have no sse) and already said you about it at mirc chanel. HOW CAN I KNOW ABOUT IT???
By the way, one hour ago I told you about exactly this idea at mirc but you prefer to post your answer here.
Thats nice.
p.s. There is no need to listen to demo-users I think. And as for me - there is no need to speak with such a “niederträchtig” persons like DBlue.
You did the right thing with “blurring vote options”. For me everything is RESTRICTED.

I generally enjoy these kinds of disclosing answers! ;)

I’m not a registered user also, not for being unwilling to, but for the limitations of the banking system in my country. Credit cards supported by foreign countries does not exist here in Iran, standards are different here. I may ask a friend of mine living in Germany to register renoise for me in close feature.

Any way my most favorite future feature is: BEAT-SLICER. (discussed earlier in this forum)

Dear dblue can ignore this vote :rolleyes:

My mistake, I thought you were a registered user, it was a simple misunderstanding.
On the other hand, if you did a simple forum search you would see there is already feature voting. It only takes a few seconds to look.

You did? Sorry, I don’t remember that, but I wasn’t paying 100% attention to IRC all night, I was busy working on other things as well. But if you didn’t want an answer here… then why did you post the question here? :blink:

Well there isn’t much I can say about that one, I can be a bit “mean” when other people are being silly or annoying (which you were). Don’t forget I tried to be helpful to you as well, telling you about some nice freeware synths you could use.

Idea-Converter which makes it possible to “rns” my brainwaves directly to a song.

Which means: I think, renoise is perfect.

an automatic “read the answer to your question in this thread: url…” forum feature

This saying is like poison! It may prevent any further improvement! ;)
Let’s say the beloved Renoise is very very very very… good, but as Napoleon said: NOTHING IS PERFECT! :D

Directum, dblue is a nice guy. It is I who is the resident dick head.

You are being a whiny jerk with no etiquette.

Just because you are a newbie doesn’t mean that the rest of us are. Instead of wasting our time, then replying with emotionally charged crap that has nothing to with your question, try searching the forums. There’s a good chance that your question was already thoroughly discussed. Sucks to have no SSE, but that’s your problem, not ours.

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