Hi guys…

I need everybody to share and promote this in anyway possible!
Remix Contest Entry


Spheroid Beats


Bot really my thing, but it is really well done so I rolled in 2 of my emails.


Voted. Now give me a candy :P

Thx Guys!

<_< Candy is not good for you… But everybody who votes and really dig the track can get the mp3!
just write me a tiny message on Spheroid Beats

If you didn’t vote yet Click here
And if you did. Spread the word!


Just lettin’ y’all know that we’re currently on a sole 27th place!

That might seem good out of 300 entry’s but I’d like even more votes! Any tips and tricks on promoting this the last 6 days of voting?

Please everybody who didn’t vote: Do it. And promote, share or anything that gets us up in top 10!


Top ten within reach :w00t:

Yeah guys help me get this Renoise mix in there…

Please promote The MIX

Thx for all the support my fellow Renoisers!

3 hours to go… 3 places from… TOP 10

How many votes can you gather within 3 hours?

Help me get this Renoise mix in there


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