Voxengo Causing Crashes

Hello, I occasionally get some warnings indicating that a Voxengo plugin crashed Renoise with the following statement:

Warning Message: IMPORTANT: This is a fatal error. Please save the current document under a !new! name to prevent losing important data. Renoise will silently ignore any following errors from this plug-in.

Should I get concerned? It happens rather sporadically, no biggie and hasn’t caused any real issues so far, but the warning makes it sound pretty serious. Happened to me when using VariSaturator and TEOTE. Upon reloading the project, I continue to use the plugins and see no negative impact whatsoever.

Strange, I have the entire Voxengo collection and have never had one crash. I do sometimes get the same crash warning with Some Black Rooster Audio and BABY Audio Plugins. I also just reload and suffer no catastrophic failures.

One thing I have found to be quite useful is mapping the PANIC command to CTRL+ALT+Space and hitting it before rendering, loading a song, or creating a new song while still in another song. Seems to be something related to the plugins processing buffers or something.

Voxengo has always been extremely stable for me in other DAWs and causes no issues in Cakewalk whatsoever, so it is quite weird. I will install the newest version of Renoise 3.3.2, as I have been using 3.3.1 in recent months, maybe that will solve the issue. I think TEOTE crashed the Renoise VST host or something to that effect at one point, don’t remember the exact wording of the crash report, but that was also due to the high CPU usage and using a high number of frequency bands.

If you sporadically get similar crash reports with other plugins, then I guess these are just regular crashes one comes across every once in a while. It’s just that the crash report makes it sound like the sky is going to fall in on you, so I thought I’d better ask.

BTW, Vital has crashed a project once and Renoise displayed the same crash report.

I’m running 3.3.2 with all VST3 Voxengo plugs. No crashes at all with Voxengo plugs as VST3 in 3.3.2.

I think the crash report being so serious is just to really dial it in that if you save the project after a fatal crash like that, you are going to get data corruption and/or various other serious issues that will render your project unusable. Best to just exit out and reload the project from your most recent save.

Yeah, that makes sense. I am gonna install the 3.3.2 version tonight, hopefully it fixes the issues. Thanks.

My experience with crashes like this is that mostly the crashed plugin will work normally after reloading the song. But it could happen that it crashes again and again, and after several crashes it won’t work anymore at all. If this happens Renoise freezes and you have to quit by using the task manager. But it also could happen that your whole system freezes and you have to restart your computer. It happened to me several times while using VST2 32bit plugins, but never while using solely VST2 64bit plugins. I asssume it’s because of some sort of incompatibility with Renoise.

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