Voxility - Ungrounded | EP


Very entertaining EP. 5 star topic rating for you!

Really nice stuff. Loving it!

I am bit disappointed you didn’t take up my offer though. :(

Galactic sunrise is a quality beat man. That acid bass tears it up.

thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.

:( I was looking forward to listening to this - look forward to the re-up!

I’m looking forward to when you put it back up so I can write a featured entry, complete with link to where the readers can get it, for my new digital music website http://digitalmusic.site90.net

re-upped!! :]

@robotrobot: love that design! i would be honored ;]

updated, see first post

Got it! Thanks! ^_^

imma bump this, one more time. it pretty nice! go on, have a listen, it will make you feel good ;]