Not your best track according to me. I think the kick is not loud enough, maybe some work on the leads would be necessary, cause it sounds really dry and sharp to me.
Anyway i like the melodies and the rise up you made was really great!

Yeah, I kind of posted this before it was done, hoping you guys would point out the things I can’t hear. Been working on it for too long without a break.

I hear the problem with the kick and will address it by adding more klick to it. There should be enough lower frequencies, but I’ll come back to it with fresh ears this afternoon.

As for the driness and sharpness of the leads I’m not so sure. Most of them are drenched in filters and reverb to the extent that muddiness is a greater danger than driness - or so it seems to me. Could you please point out some especially offending sounds or moments in the track?

I didnt mean the sharpness, and after i listened again it’s not of the lead.
The chord saws that come after 3:10 are maybe a bit to bright and loud for the rest.
Also, in the melody which is dubbed by saws, in the second part (around 4 minutes) i think would sound better with other synths than the saws you use.
Oh also the snare sounds too weak/acoustic to me, i dont know what you think about it.

I agree with all of what you’re saying. The snare sound consists of a drum snare (that you can hear playing in isolation in the quiet bit after 4.30) and two handclaps (one on the left and one on the right) that have so much reverb on them that they don’t sound like claps anymore. I might replace or layer the snare sound with a 909-ish snare and make it a bit louder.

Thank you!

I have updated the original file, and have done the following:

  • Made the kick louder (partly by making everything else quieter).
  • Got rid of saw lead playing together with main melody - replaced it with something more subtle (maybe too subtle) and rhythmical
  • Added a panning effect to one of the pads
  • Made the snare stronger and more electronic
  • Made some fixes to the EQing, levelling and overall mix and master
  • EQd and turned down the too-loud chords
  • Fixed lots of little details.

Just click on the same old link/player to hear the new version.