Vsampler Error

Everytime I try to close Vsampler 3.5 window in Renoise, it crashes and Renoise pops up an error message.
It was mentioned here 2 years ago. Is that bug still has no solution?
I read somewhere that if we click the ‘external editor’ button again, Vsampler closes with no errors. But how can I get to that button when Vsampler is hiding it behind its window?

Vsampler does something when clicking the titlebar that requires some information from the developer of VSampler. However, the Developer did not seem to respond on Taktik’s email and the developer’s information is vital for solving this matter.
I have personally posted a report about this issue on his forum as well, but did not got a response on that from him either. (The forum seems dead by the way, it is plagued by spam currently)

If you want to close he editor without being able to click the button, you can try the [numpad 0] key which toggles the Plugin-editor’s visibility.

Thanks for giving me that solution. I use a laptop (no numpad) so I had to change that shortcut to something else. Many thanks.

On your laptop you enable the numpad function using the FN key and then a special numpad key (an extra option underneath one of the function keys i believe), but it is not a practical workflow situation i’ll admit that.