Vst 2.3 Support In Renoise?


Renoise 1.281 supports VST 2.0. But what about the new VST 2.3? What are the differences between 2.0 and 2.3 and will it be included in Renoise 1.5?



I’m quite sure they wont have support for 2.3 in the 1.5 version…

i’ve been playing around with the vst2.3 ‘api’ for a while… don’t think it’s all that different from 2.0. anyway, most vsts are using vst2 at the moment, so i’m not too worried.

Renoise do not even supports all functionality in the VST 2.0 API but that doesn’t hinder anyone to use plugs written for 2.0, same goes for 2.3, you will be able to use the plugs but not take advantages ot the functionality not implemented… so yes, there is no need to worry if you havn’t done it before.